U9-10 Pre-Competitive

For players born 2013 (U9) and 2012 (U10)

Capital FC’s U9-10 Pre-Competitive Program is for players who have developed a love for the game and want to become better soccer players. Our intent is to provide a competitive but not exclusive environment for these developing youngsters.


All elements of the Pre-Competitive Program have been designed to push and develop these players through more advanced, professional coaching as well as a higher level of competition in tournaments and league play with teams from around the state. We are asking parents and players for a year-round commitment that includes travel and a higher cost.


Program Aims:

 1. To prepare players for entrance into the U11 Competitive Program by:

    • Developing individual technique and 1v1 skills.
    • Laying the foundation for tactical insight and an understanding of how each position relates to the team objectives.
    • Moving to a more competitive mindset.

2. To introduce parents to the demands and commitment level of the competitive program (travel, cost, time).

 3. To foster a love of the game in players that develops internal motivation to improve and continue playing long into the future.

Overview of the Program: 

10 month program

  • Summer:  May-August 
  • Fall:  September-November
  • Winter:  November-January
  • Spring:  February-April

Breaks that are built into the season: 

  • Week after player assessment 
  • Week after competing in a tournament 
  • Week of Thanksgiving 
  • Two weeks of Christmas Break
  • Spring Break
  • Last week of school
  • Any Federal Holiday
  • Any Salem-Keizer School District closure


Capital FC’s Pre-Competitive program in partnership with Coerver NW has developed a player centered curriculum created to meet the needs and challenge all players at this level.  The focus of our program is based on Coerver Coaching Methodology:

Learn more about Coerver Coaching here:



Player Placements May 10th & 11th 2021 5:00-6:30pm CFC Complex

Through the player placement process, players will be run through a series of exercises that allow for Capital FC’s Pre-Competitive staff to evaluate each player.  Players will be placed into groups based on the four pillars of player development: physical, technical, tactical & psychological. Players should not stress about this as we will not cut a player from the program at this age. 

Please register in advance for the event online or in the office.

Following the event, players will be invited to join the program and attend an organizational meeting to go over details for the year. The meeting will be held at Capital FC.

 Summer Training & Tournament Play (June-August)

Age groups will receive two 60-minute trainings per week beginning the week of May 24th.  Summer tournaments will consist of one tournament per month for the months of June, July & August.   

Summer Tournaments:

Red & White Teams:  Capital Cup June 18-20; Beaverton Adidas Cup July 16-18, Mt. Hood Challenge August 6-8

Black & Grey Teams:  Capital Cup June 18-20; Lake Oswego Nike Cup July 23-25; Summer-Slam August 28-30th

Fall Training & League Play (September – early-November)

Players will continue training twice weekly through the fall (60 minute sessions).

Players will play in an 8 game season beginning after Labor Day and will run from September into early November. 

Winter Training & Indoor Program Winter 1 (mid-November-January)

After the fall season concludes,  when the weather is cold players will turn indoors for training and playing small sided games at Salem Indoor.  Training will be reduced to just once a week focusing on the individual player technique and receive one indoor game per weekend over 8 weeks.  

Optional winter offerings:  Thanksgiving Tournament, Christmas Tournament, Coerver Performance Academy, Coerver Christmas Break Camp. 

Spring Training & League Play (February-April)

Players will resume training twice weekly at the CFC Training Complex through the spring (60 minute sessions).

Players will compete in a Spring league featuring 8 games.

At the conclusion of the spring component, players will then be asked to move on to either the U11 Competitive program tryouts, taking place May of  2022, or to the U10 Pre-Competitive Programs.


$1,000 + $100 Membership Fee (covers player card, insurance, registration costs & Tournaments)*

*Uniform and personal travel expenses not included.

Scholarships available – Because of generous donations from members of our community, scholarships of  30, 50 and 75% are available to families who qualify based on need. For more details, please email office@capitalfctimbers.com

Teams & Roster Size

Our objective to form four teams per age group & per gender with roster equity of between 9-11 players placed per team. At this age group, players will receive a minimum of 50% playing time per game with a goal of 65%.


How do I know if my player is ready for the Pre-Competitive Program?

It is all about commitment level. A big indicator of this is how much your player chooses to play at home or at school with friends. If your child loves soccer and wants to improve, then this is the program for them.

Is my player good enough?

Skill level isn’t as important as your player’s love for the game. These kids have a long playing career ahead of them, and our club believes in inspiring players for a lifetime of learning and enjoyment. We believe that the pre-competitive program will allow for players to learn good habits from an early age rather than having to un-learn and re-learn skills later.

How will teams be formed and how will they train?

Rosters serve as a baseline for how teams will train and practice together. The coaching staff will form rosters so that all players are at a similar level to maximize their individual player development. At the discretion of the coaching staff, some players may be asked to practice and/or play with a different team for specific games or tournaments. These decisions will all be based on how to help each player develop appropriately.

Teams will train at the same time under the supervision of the coaching staff.

Can my player participate in other sports?

Yes, although at times this may be difficult. Refer to the Program Overview above to see that there are a few “down times” in the program. These would be the best times to play other sports.

If a player on the roster of a competitive team desires to play another sport that has an overlapping season, it may be possible to play both sports.  Some compromises may need to be worked out with the coaches of both sports regarding participation in practices and games.  Some players may be able to successfully divide their energies, but some may find it very difficult to manage.  A player in the competitive program who chooses another activity or sport instead of participating in the U9 Pre-Competitive Program will not be penalized for making that decision.  However, a player may be dropped from the program if the player fails to attend a significant number of practices and games.

Are there other playing opportunities if my player is not ready for this level of commitment?

Yes. We have several programs that are available to you if you decide that your family is not ready for the greater time and financial commitment of the Pre-Competitive Program. Players can continue to play in our U9/10 Juniors Recreational Program in the fall and the spring. We offer our Juniors Recreational Program for players up to U14.

There are also other camps and clinics offered by CFC and Coerver during the summer and the winter. Check our website for details as they become available.

Still have questions?

Email Joe Wentworth, Capital FC Director of Coaching.