U11-14 Competitive

2019-20 Season

Capital FC’s competitive program is aimed at taking player development to the next level.


This program has higher fees and a larger time commitment for those who choose to participate. The program begins with tryouts in May. Selected players will be asked to make a 12-month commitment to the club.

Program goals:

  • To continue developing individual technique with an emphasis on good decision making.
  • To teach positional play as it relates 9v9 and 11v11.
  • To help players understand basic team attacking and defending concepts.
  • To create a training environment that promotes hard work and self-improvement.
  • To foster a love of the game in players that develops internal motivation to improve on their own and continue playing long into the future.

Players Receive: 

The Capital FC Competitive Program offers a market-leading player package that has been designed to maximize the Technical, Physical, Psychological and Social development potential of each player:

  • Professional training twice weekly by Capital FC Staff
  • Access to turf training facilities as well as CFC’s award-winning soccer complex
  • OYSA Timbers/Thorns League play in fall and spring
  • State Cup or President’s Cup Participation
  • A great value for your money

Overview of Program:

Part 1: Tryouts (May 2019)

Tryouts will happen the week of May 13. Final times and dates will be announced later.

All players entering Capital FC’s U11-U14 Competitive Program must participate in tryouts. CFC Staff Coaches evaluate players based on technical ability, insight into the game (decision making), physical ability, and personality. Coaches meet after each day of tryouts to discuss what they have seen in the players and make decisions based both on ability and potential.

Selection is made to age groups with recommendations on initial roster spaces. Rosters serve as a baseline for training and games, but players may be switched or asked to guest play with teams for developmental reasons individually. (Our goal is primarily to develop players, not teams – this is the reason for this. If you would like to find out more about our philosophy or policies for age groups, please contact our Director of Coaching).

Following the tryouts, an organizational meeting will be held to go over details for the year on Tuesday May 21 at 5pm at McCulloch Stadium.

Part 2: Summer Component (June-August)


Players begin training twice per week (90 minute sessions) starting mid-June. Players will continue to train through July and August.

Game play

Capital FC teams will participate in at least three tournaments through the summer – Capital Cup (June 29 – July 1) and two others (usually July and August). Additionally, most teams will organize friendly games as the coach sees fit for the development of the team.

Part 3: Fall Component (September – beginning of November)

Players will continue training twice weekly at the CFC Training Complex. In addition, teams will compete on the weekends in OYSA league play. Teams will play games on both Saturdays and Sundays and will be required to do some traveling. Most travel will be to Portland or Eugene, but some teams will occasionally travel as far as Bend or Medford for a game. Some teams will begin State/President’s/Founder’s Cup play in November, depending on league assignment.

Part 4: Winter/Spring Component (December-April)

Teams take a break during December and some of January from structured team practice. Some teams decide to train on a more informal basis indoors.

Teams begin to train again outside on CFC’s turf field and other city fields starting the last week of January. Games for OYSA’s Spring League begin in February, concluding with State/President’s/Founder’s Cup play (depending on level of team) in April and the first weekend of May.

Games and training will conclude in April or the first weekend of May, depending on how far each team makes it in their respective tournaments. Players will then participate in competitive program tryouts for the following year, taking place the second week of May.


The Capital FC Competitive Program is broken down into two costs.*

  1. Annual Membership Fee – $100 (covers player card, insurance, registration costs)
  2. Program Fee – $1250

*Uniform, additional tournaments, and personal travel expenses not included.

Scholarships available – Because of generous donations from members of our community, scholarships of up to 75% are available to families who qualify. For more details, please email office@capitalfctimbers.com



U11 (09) – Avi Hernandez, Sergio Anaya

U12 (08) – Benje Orozco

U13 (07) – Kevin Plechl

U14 (06) – Ernesto Aguilar


U11 (09) – Alvaro Anaya, Graham Chapman

U12 (08) – Lloyd Fobi, Graham Chapman

U13 (07) – Paulo Reis

U14 (06) – Rudy Quintanilla, Erik Boyd


How do I know if my player is ready for the Competitive Program?

It is all about commitment level. A big indicator of this is how much your player chooses to play at home or at school with friends. If your child loves soccer and wants to improve, then this is the program for them.

How will teams be formed and how will they train?

Rosters serve as a baseline for how teams will train and practice together. The coaching staff will form rosters so that all players are at a similar level to maximize their individual player development. At the discretion of the coaching staff, some players may be asked to practice and/or play with a different team for specific games or tournaments. These decisions will all be based on how to help each player develop appropriately.

Teams in the same age group will train at the same time under the supervision of the coaching staff (there are some exceptional times where teams cannot always train together because of logistics).

Can my player participate in other sports?

Yes, although at times this may be difficult. Refer to the Program Overview above to see that there are a few “down times” in the program. These would be the best times to play other sports.

If a player on the roster of a competitive team desires to play another sport that has an overlapping season, it may be possible to play both sports. Some compromises may need to be worked out with the coaches of both sports regarding participation in practices and games. Some players may be able to successfully divide their energies, but some may find it very difficult to manage. A player in the competitive program who chooses another activity or sport instead of participating in the Competitive Program will not be penalized for making that decision. However, a player may be dropped from the program if the player fails to attend a significant number of practices and games.

Do I need to commit to the entire year? 

Yes. There are two reasons our competitive programs are organized this way. First, we believe it is very important for kids to have continuity and consistency in the training environment in order to develop properly. Players develop individually within the context of a team. The team needs to stay consistent and to go through the important process of winning, losing, team building, etc.

Secondly, youth sports are expensive. We work very hard to keep costs down as much as possible through partnerships, fundraising, pursuing sponsorships, and being frugal and efficient as an organization. That being said, there are many costs associated with a soccer team including insurance, facility maintenance and rental, league and referee fees, equipment expenses, etc. We do not make money on our program fees. We pass the cost of services on to you – and therefore when we form a team at the beginning of the year, those fees have already been spent to set the team up for the year.

If you have more questions about our program costs, please talk with our board or come to a board meeting. We would be happy to share with you the specifics of how our organization runs.

Still have questions?

Email us, and we’ll get back to you quickly!