Our Philosophy

Developing a LIFE LONG PASSION for soccer

Throughout all programs, Capital FC coaches and staff seek to implement the following coaching philosophy:
1. To develop skilled, confident, creative, smart players

Autonomous players with a positive approach in attack/defense

Focus on proper technique, especially in the formative ages (U6-U12).

  • good skill in 1v1 situations
  • ability to finish and create goal scoring opportunities

Focus on good decision making/insight into the game, more and more as players get older.

Developing “thinking” players who can quickly solve tactical problems on the field.

2. To value winning but not more than character or performance


Our aim is to have our top team for each age group finishing in the top four of the state competition every year

Winning with attractive football

When we have the ball:

  • Score many goals
  • Create many chances to score goals
  • Take the driver’s seat of the game – have lots of possession.

When they have the ball:

  • Try to get the ball back quickly
  • Try to get the ball back with the intention to attack again

Maintaining good character and promoting a fair competitive spirit throughout all competitions

Focus on long-term development (U18) over short-term results

3. To create an environment that fosters hard work and ambition to improve

For players – “serious fun” – a combination of positive environment and challenging practices that generate internal motivation and effective learning

For parents – openness to learn to be a good supporter of your child’s development throughout his/her time at CFC

For coaches – ambition to improve individually as well as collectively as a team of staff coaches

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