COVID Game Day FAQ’s

Q: Are spectators allowed?

A: Currently, no spectators are allowed in the complex to watch games. However, games can be seen from the parking lot as well virtually through MyCuJoo. Each game will have ft a livestream broadcast. Click here to access the livestream.

Q: Are coaches considered the one family member/spectator?

A: Coaches are not considered spectators. However, only two coaches (one head coach, one assistant coach) is allowed per team on the sidelines.

Q: What time am I supposed to show up for my game?

A: Players and spectators should arrive 15 minutes prior to their game time. Players are allowed to walk through the gates and check in with their coach while parents must wait in line to sign in. Click here to view the field map / where to enter and exit the complex.

Q: As a spectator, do I need to keep my mask on at all times?

A: Yes. Spectators are required to wear masks at all times while in the complex gates, even while social distancing.

Q: Is my child required to wear a mask while playing?

A: Yes. All players must wear a mask if within 6ft of another player.

Q: Will parents who have back to back games be permitted to have those siblings at the games as a spectator while waiting for their next game?

A : Siblings whom have games later in day are allowed as spectators. Siblings with later games will not count as the current players one spectator.


For more details regarding our COVID-19 policies, please click here.