COVID Game Day FAQ’s

Q: Are spectators allowed?

A: Yes! Spectators are allowed at the CFC Complex both on thee Juniors and Competitive levels. If you are unable to attend a game, most competitive matches can be found via the Eleven livestream app. Click here to access the livestream.

Q: Is there still a one spectator rule?

A: Spectators will not be regulate but we do request that you limit the number of spectators to help with the parking spaces at CFC as well as allowing social distancing.

Q: What time am I supposed to show up for my game?

A: Players and spectators should arrive 15 minutes prior to their game time.

Q: As a spectator, do I need to keep my mask on at all times?

A: Spectators are not required to wear a mask if they are able to socially distance.

Q: Is my child required to wear a mask while playing?

A: No. According to OYSA, youth are not required to wear masks while on the field.

For more details regarding our COVID-19 policies, please click here.