Inaugural OYSA FIFA 20 eSports Tournament

Two EA SPORTS FIFA 20 tournaments are being held via OYSA –

one on PlayStation 4 & one on Xbox One

Tournament registration is open to all currently registered OYSA players and closes on Sunday, April 5th.


  • The tournament is still scheduled to begin on Monday, April 6th. Information will be emailed to all participants about the tournament brackets after registration closes on Sunday, April 5th.
  • There is no entry fee, and the registration process is simple. As this is our first eSports tournament, please have patience with us throughout the process and give us as much feedback as possible so we can improve going forward. To register, click the Battlefy tournament link for your console (PS4 or Xbox One).
  • If you have access to a console but do not have EA Sports FIFA 20 and still want to participate, please send me an email at


The champion of each bracket will receive a PS4 or an Xbox One, based on their respective bracket. The two runners-up from both brackets will each receive a $100 gift card. OYSA wants to thank an anonymous Westside Metros (early 1990’s) and OYSA alum whose generous support has made this possible.

Check out the rules below, and if you have any questions or believe something has been left out, please email Eric Bocan, OYSA Manager of Leagues & Tournaments:


PS4                             Xbox One



  • Competitors must add each other as a friend on PSN/Xbox Live.
  • You must play your opponent through the Online Friendlies Mode, NOT FIFA Ultimate Team. Guest players are not allowed.
    • To do this go to Online -> Online Friendlies
    •  First player listed is in charge of starting the match, opponent should verify the settings.
  • All games will use these Online Friendlies settings:
    • Half Length: 6 Minutes
    • Controls: Any
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Squad Type: Online

Players must check-in on Battlefy prior to their match start time, for each match. The check-in window opens 30 minutes before your match start time. Failure to check-in before the match start time will result in the match being forfeit.

  • We recommend recording your matches by pressing “Share” at the beginning of each match.
    • Players are responsible to kickoff their match no more than 7 minutes after their match start time. Failure to do so will result in a forfeit.
    • If the match results in a draw, players will start a new match, representing extra time. In the new match, the first player to score wins (this is not a FIFA 20 setting. When a player scores in the new match, just take a picture of the score for reporting and then end the game).
    • Winners are responsible for reporting their match results.  A screenshot of photo MUST be uploaded to Battlefy. Failure by the winner to report the score will result in a match forfeit.


  • If a player fails to play his/her scheduled match, this will result in an automatic forfeit.
  • Rescheduling your match will not be allowed.
  • Appropriate and friendly behavior is expected by all players. Foul and/or abusive language will not be tolerated.
  • As with all online games, you may experience a poor internet connection/lag – complete the match, regardless of this.
  • Tampering with your internet connection to have an advantage in your match will result in a warning or disqualification.
  • If a player quits, exits or disconnects from a match regardless of the situation, it is the responsibility of the player from the opposite team to notify the admins, who will help resolve the situation.
  • Submitting your scores before the start of your match is not allowed. Doing so will result in a match forfeit.
  • Cheating is NOT allowed nor is submitting a false match score. Doing so will result in a match forfeit.
  • Photo or video evidence is required if you claim your opponent has broken any of the rules listed here. Failure to present evidence will result in the claim being rejected immediately.