What to expect when arriving at CFC this Fall – Updated for Week 3 Parking

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Come our Fall season, we are starting construction to build Pioneer Sports Park, the home of Capital FC’s programs and a benefit to the entire community. If you have not heard of this upcoming project and/or would like to get involved, CLICK HERE.

During this incredible development, your CFC parking experience and field layout will be different than in the past. This season, you can expect to see paid parking staff, designated parking entrances and exits, and a whole lot of developing construction. We thank you in advance for your patience and willingness to adapt as we look to build the future of youth sports in Salem.

This season, we will be utilizing three different spaces for parking – CFC’s West Entrance (first gate), CFC’s East Entrance (far gate), and parking at Holland Youth Park (baseball fields behind the complex off of Cordon Road). 
Below you will find step by step instructions based on your child’s age group featuring parking maps and field maps. 

We have also added a new pathway between the east and west parking lots to allow access to all fields via the parking lot. Please use this walkway instead of walking on State Street.

For K-8 Juniors Recreational Families –

Juniors parking will be parking in two different spots for Saturdays games days – CFC’s West Entrance (first gate) and parking at Holland Youth Park (baseball fields behind the complex off of Cordon Road). A parking map is shown below.

Kinder & 1st Graders – 

  • You will be parking at our State St. Complex using the FIRST entrance (West Entrance). This is labeled as the PURPLE parking lot on State St. A map is shown below.
  • You will be playing on Fields 1A-1H.


2nd & 3rd Graders – 

  • You will be parking at CFC’s West Entrance (first gate) AND Holland Youth Park! These parking spots are labeled as the PURPLE lots on our map. A map is shown below.
  • Where you will be parking will be best based on where you are playing on a week to week basis. Please pay attention to what field you are playing on to determine where you should be parking.


4th & 5th Graders –

  • For HOME games, you will be parking at Holland Youth Park. This is labeled as the PURPLE parking lot off Cordon Road. A map is shown below.
  • Keep in mind that this age group will be playing both home and away matches in the greater Salem area – please pay attention to this on a weekly basis.


Middle Schoolers – 

  • All of your matches will be played OFF-SITE due to field size and construction.
  • During practices, will be parking at CFC’s West Entrance (first gate) AND Holland Youth Park! These parking spots are labeled as the PURPLE lots on our map. A map is shown below.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop their players off at practice and not stay due to parking lot construction and space.
For Competitive and Pre-Competitive Families

Competitive teams will be using the East entrance (far gate) and parking by the turf for their home games. This is labeled as the BLUE lot on our parking map.

Pre-Competitive teams will be playing their fall season off site. During practices, parents are encouraged to use the  West entrance (first gate) and Holland Youth Park. These parking spots are labeled as the PURPLE lots on our map. Click here to view the parking map.

Competitive families should continue to park in the BLUE lot by the turf for practice as Pre-Comp should park in the PURPLE lots for practice.



Q: Is there handicap parking?

A: Handicap parking is available in front of the Rec side West Entrance as well as at Holland Youth Park. Handicap parking spaces may vary based on moving parking spaces due to construction.

Q: Can I park in any of the lots of my choosing? Or do I have to follow the guide?

A.The parking guide provides the closest parking relative to the fields your child is scheduled to play on. You are welcome to park elsewhere, and based on availability that parking may be the best available during peak times.

Q: What if I’m just dropping my player off?

A: Even when dropping off a player, we request you stick to the parking guide to help with the flow of the parking lot.

Q. What is the parking lot is full?

A: Although we’ve taken several steps to alleviate this, it may happen. We will place a “lot full” sign at the front entrance of the full lot. You may then use one of the other lots to park at.  Based on our planning, we believe the Holland lot should be a reliable back up for you and rarely if ever be full.

Q: How long will construction be going on?

A: Construction is beginning in September and is planned through December.

Q: Why the name “Pioneer Sports Park”?

A: The definition of a pioneer is “a person who begins or helps develop something new and prepares the way for others to follow”. That is the vision we have for our community. The Salem area offers nothing like what we are doing and it is sorely needed. We are extremely excited to be able to provide services and opportunities for the youth and families of our community. We are especially excited at the chance to have a positive impact and help change the lives of the under-served kids and their families in our area. In this sense, we are pioneers, and we hope others will follow. Perhaps, the lives that are changed will be the next ones to take up this cause.

This is our message, our vision, and our mission. This is why the name was chosen. Anyone can be a pioneer regardless of their demographic background. We are trying to instill a culture at the club that every single child that walks onto these fields can be a pioneer, a visionary, a leader. Every single one of our players can change the world that they live in in a profound and positive way.


Interested in learning more about Pioneer Sports Park or getting involved? Click here!