Below you will find a table with this week’s workout. This is organized by day and will be updated weekly.


Within the schedule, you can click on the links to find a video and/or instructions on how to complete the workout.


All the details of the weekly plan are located below the schedule.


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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Physical 30 min Aerobic 30 min Anaerobic 30 min Aerobic 30 min Anaerobic 15 min Active Recovery 30 min Aerobic Recovery Rest
Technical 30 min Basic Turns 11 min Passing w/ Wall 20 min Coerver Tech of the Week 30 min Coerver Academy 15 min Juggling while walking 30 min Coerver Academy Recovery Rest
Tactical Match: Arsenal v Man U 2003 YouTube Tactical Analysis Goals Scored by Arsenal

*Links to technical and tactical skills can be found by clicking on them. Examples of physical exercises are listed below.

Coerver Details

As a Coerver Elite Club Partner, CFC members get access to Coerver’s 6-week online school for FREE.

In order to gain free access, please follow the steps below:

1. Visit the Coerver Oregon site and register for the “Club Academy >Online Courses” Program. You will need to create an account if you don’t already have one.

2. Once you are logged in and have registered your players for the course, you will find the videos under the “Assignments” tab on the “2020 Online Coerver Soccer School.”

*Coerver links attached above link to this site

Aerobic and Anaerobic Example Exercises

Monday – Aerobic Interval Training 

   4×4 Four x 4-minute-high intensity Intervals of:

  • running
  • Jump rope
  • stationary bike, 
  • elliptical machine 

   followed by 2 minutes of low intensity walking jogging etc…

Tuesday – Anaerobic Interval training 


  • 30 seconds of max effort 
  • Followed by 30 seconds stationary recovery 
  • Repeat each exercise 6 times

   Exercise 1: foundation (tapping the ball back and forth between your feet), If possible moving forward and backwards –

   Exercise 2: toe tappers (touch the top of the ball with the bottom of your feet as fast as you can), If possible moving forward and backwards

   Exercise 3: ski hops back and forth over the object while landing softly on both feet at the same time.

Must maintain good technique with a balanced flexed landing.

  • Levels to choose from: 
  • Easy- over the jump rope 
  • Medium- over a box of Kleenex 
  • Hard- over a soccer ball

Wednesday – Aerobic Interval training 

   Ten Intervals of 1-minute high intensity Intervals of either:

  • Running
  • Jump rope
  • stationary bike
  • elliptical machine 

   followed by 30 second of low intensity walking jogging etc…

Thursday – Anaerobic Agility & Quickness

   Ricochets –

  • Mark out a small box shape on the floor (about 2 feet square) with tape or your Jump rope 
  • Keeping your feet together, start at one corner of the box and perform small jumps from corner to corner in a random manner.
  • For this exercise the emphasis should be on speed and rate of leg movement rather than height.
  • Each ground contact is 1 repetition. 

   Sets/Duration:  3-5 x 20-30 seconds 

   Lateral Bounds

  • Begin in athletic position balancing on right leg
  • Load the leg by slightly bending your knee and sitting into your hips
  • Bound (jump) laterally as high and far as possible, landing on opposite leg
  • Absorb impact by landing in loaded position
  • Swing arms to generate power and triple-extend through ankles, knees and hips
  • Start by pausing for 3 seconds between bounds, then progress to quick repeats

   Sets/Reps:  3-5×5-10, resting 1-2 minutes between sets 

   Explosive Push-Ups

  • Start in traditional push-up position
  • Lower chest to floor, then forcefully push yourself up so your hands leave floor
  • Land softly with elbows bent, and repeat
  • Keep core tight throughout entire movement

   Sets/Reps:  4×5-10, resting 2 minutes between sets 


  • Stand in staggered stance with right foot in front
  • Lower into lunge position, keeping chest up and core tight
  • Jump up as high as possible, scissor-kick your legs and land with left leg forward
  • Alternate forward leg each set

   Sets/Reps: 3-5×10-20, resting 2-3 minutes between sets 

   Square Jumps –

  • Create a “T” with tape on the ground roughly two feet by two feet
  • Start by hopping with feet together, forward and backward as fast as you can, along the 
  • vertical line of the T
  • Progress to lateral two-foot hops, diagonally, clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • Progress to one-foot hops in all directions
  • The key to this drill is to limit ground contact time, moving as fast as possible

   Sets/Duration:  1×20 seconds each pattern

Saturday – Aerobic

   30-60-90 2 to 1

   30 seconds of high intensity of any: 

  • Running
  • Jump rope
  • stationary bike
  • elliptical machine 

   recovery 15 seconds of low intensity walking jogging etc…

   60 seconds work, 30 seconds recovery

   90 seconds work, 45 seconds recovery

   Repeat 3 to 5 times

Virtual Club Challenge

CFC is participating in a nation-wide virtual club challenge!

Each week, there is a new challenge posted with some incredible celebrity judges and awesome prizes. Last weeks prize was a signed Real Salt Lake jersey, JUDGED by USWNT standout, Julie Ertz!

This weeks challenge (week 3) is BALLS OUT OF THE AIR STALLS. Any surface, multiple surfaces, can be used. Challenge will be judged by Sporting Kansas star, Erik Hurtado! A signed Sporting Kansas City comes along with the prize.


Facebook – post on Virtual Club Challenges page. Wear CFC gear, introduce yourself including your name, age, and club, and show your skill!

Instagram – Use #virtualclubchallenge in video! Must be wearing CFC gear and introduce yourself via name, age, and club.

Week 3 Virtual Club Challenge ends April 2nd at 12am.