CFC Community Mourns the Loss of Former Board Member, Chris Morscheck

Earlier in January, former board member Chris Morscheck passed away after a short sickness at his home in Lincoln City. 

Few people in the CFC community will recognize the name, but thousands of kids and families continue to benefit from his invisible service. 

Morscheck was a board member during a key spell in the club’s history, from 2008 until 2013. After serving as a director on the board, Morscheck spent several years volunteering his time as the groundskeeper, often spending 40 or more hours a week on the fields and facilities. 

 Chris is featured in the back left

“Chris became one of my closest friends,” says Collin Box, CFC’s Executive Director. “He is one of the most loving and selfless people that I have ever known, and had a huge heart for the kids in the Salem community. He embodied sacrificial love with his life and his service at CFC.”

Morscheck was a key contributor to the club’s vision for an artificial turf field and helped both arrange and perform much of the in-kind work to bring the project to completion. He also laid the foundation for the club’s revitalization and stewared the club’s finances through a transitional time, keeping the doors open and allowing the club to become what it is today. 

“When we had no money and the club should have folded [Chris] went out on the fields and took the weight of everything on his shoulders,” says board member Michael Rice. “Literally worked out there every day maintaining the fields, fixing the sprinklers, doing everything. For no pay. He was one of a handful of people who literally saved the club.” 

“None of this ever would have happened without Chris Morscheck…He is really one of the “C”’s of CFC.”  

Morscheck is survived by his wife of 25 years, his two daughters who grew up at CFC, and his adopted son. 


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