Thank you for attending our 11th Annual Soccer Ball & Benefit Auction! Whether you attend virtually or in-person, we thank you for your support.

As we close bidding and wrap up our prizes, here are some Q&A’s to help your checkout process –

  • I won an item! How do I get it?

If you physically attend our auction, you can pickup your items onsite! If you attended the auction virtually, you can pickup your items Sunday, December 5th from 9am – 11am at Salem Indoor.

  • I can’t come on Sunday to pick up my items – what do I do?

If you can’t come on Sunday to secure your winnings, not a problem! Contact our Auction Chair, JoAnna Fields, at or at 503-851-3326 and she can help schedule a time for your item pickup.

  • I won tickets to an event. How do I get them?

Most tickets are a physical print out. If you did not receive a physical print of your ticket, your package should inform you how you are supposed to get your tickets and/or who will be contacting you. This information will either be in your packages description or restrictions. Please do not hesitate to email us at to get help with this!

  • When will my credit card be charged / when will I get my receipt?

When bidding closes, you will be notified of your winnings. Your official receipt will be sent 24-48 hours post the event featuring all other donations (desserts, donations, drinks). Your credit card will be charged when that receipt is sent.

  • I’m missing an item. Where did it go?

If you are missing an item that belongs in your packages description, please contact our Auction Chair, JoAnna Fields, at or at 503-851-3326.

  • Can I still make a donation?

Absolutely you can still make a donation! Click here to give to our cause. We appreciate your support!


Have a question or concern that isn’t noted? Please reach out! You can contact our Auction Chair, JoAnna Fields, at or at 503-851-3326.



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