Rosa Mora – Stories of Success

“I once found a notebook where Rosa had wrote ‘soccer is my life.'”
“My daughter is a warrior in life in all ways. My father helped me raise her and her brother. As a little girl, Rosa was never interested in dolls, just soccer balls. My dad taught Rosa the game of soccer and how to kick the ball and kick it hard. My dad loved my kids with all this heart. He always told me that Rosa was special in how she moved the soccer ball. Said the ball came naturally to her. 
When my dad got diagnosed with cancer, he made me make one promise – that I would put Rosa on a soccer team and ‘show the world how good his granddaughter is.’
My father passed away in February of this year. The impact it had on our family was great, but it hit Rosa the hardest. She was not the same happy girl. It took some time, but I was finally able to get Rosa onto a soccer team. Rosa started at CFC in late October on the 2008 Girls White team. On Halloween, she played in her first game ever.
In her first game, the score was tied and nearing final time. A foul in the box brought up a penalty kick. Knowing a little of Rosa’s story, the coach chose her to take the PK shot. And in her first real soccer game ever, Rosa scored the game winning goal.
First game. First goal. A game winner. I cried. I am so proud of her. And I am so proud in knowing that her Tata is watching from the skies above.”
Thank you, CFC, for creating this special moment for my daughter. I know my father is proud.”


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