Keep the Ball Rolling Campaign

Now more than ever, kids in our community need your help.

In this unprecedented time, it is clear now more than ever the value that positive, character-building activities bring to kids in our community. Studies and stories confirm that kids who play sports do better in school, are more likely to go to and graduate from college, are healthier both physically and emotionally, and are not as likely to engage in risky behaviors such as drug/alcohol use or juvenile delinquency. We are “MORE THAN A SOCCER CLUB” and are committed to helping kids in our community through the platform soccer creates.

Now more than ever, kids will have less access to play sports due to financial reasons. Before our current financial crisis, studies revealed that youth from homes in the lowest income levels are at least half as likely to participate in sports than those who come from wealthier households. After the 2008 recession, participation in sports dropped nearly 10% across the nation.

Would you consider helping “KEEP THE BALL ROLLING” for kids this year with a donation to CFC? We want to continue providing more than just soccer for the families at our club, and we need your help to make this happen. 

Your donation supports: 

  • The GRASSP Program – serving over 300 kids at 13 Title I elementary schools in Salem. This free program helps at risk 4th and 5th graders “grab ahold of their education” through soccer. We are currently in the process of seeing what may be done to keep these kids engaged this year with modified school schedules and working with other partners in our community. 
  • The 1000 Recreational soccer players who learn the values sports teach and foster positive social connections by working within their team led by a volunteer coach. 
  • The kid who realizes soccer is their passion and plays year-round with a CFC team, learning invaluable skills like how to deal with failure, working with a team, and the value of physical exercise for mental and emotional health. 
  • The 20 players per year that get a college scholarship from playing soccer at CFC. This year alone 7 of those players were the first in their family to attend college.


Nearly 40% of CFC’s players come from families whose income is below the federal poverty level and receive financial assistance from the club in the form of fee waivers and/or scholarships. We are already seeing the number of players requesting financial assistance increase this year.

On top of all of everything happening, our community faces a crisis for kids with the big vacuum left by the dissolution of Salem Keizer Education Foundation. Our club is already stepping up to fill the need by engaging with our partners at the Y, Boys and Girls Club, SKSD, and Salem Leadership Foundation.

We have set the goal to raise $100,000 by the end of 2020 to help keep kids engaged through this difficult time. This will “keep the ball rolling” as our club faces the financial challenges of COVID19. We cannot do this without you. If you are interested in donating to the “KEEP THE BALL ROLLING” campaign for kids in this season, please click here.

For more information regarding the campaign and upcoming events, visit

Thank you for your partnership as we seek to help kids and strengthen our community through soccer. 

Collin Box

Executive Director

Capital Futbol Club

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