June 9 – Weekly Update from Collin Box, Executive Director

We are nearly three months into the shutdown of soccer programming. And it looks like we will be slowly opening up and returning to the field very, very soon.

The roadmap is becoming more clear as time goes on, and I wanted to share with you what things are looking like for us as we prepare for that return. I also want to emphasize that the health and safety of our players, families, and staff is top priority. Any return to the field is 100% optional as families are all coming at this from a different perspective.

A 30,000 Foot View

US Soccer released a helpful document on return to play, and I wanted to match up those phases with what we are seeing from the Governor’s office as well as Oregon youth soccer.


Marion County is currently phase I, and Oregon Youth Soccer has provided the following guidelines for a return to play in phase I.

  • No Contact – maintain 10ft distancing
  • Skills Training not competition
  • 9:1 Player: Coach Cohort
  • No equipment sharing
  • 10 feet of social distancing
  • Training times set to maximize social distancing 

As far as phase II, the Governor’s office released these guidelines last week for recreational sports. The guidelines allow for minimal, necessary contact and therefore allow us to have a return to soccer within this phase. I imagine more guidance will be forthcoming. Oregon Youth Soccer released the following guidelines for Phase II:

  • Minimize Physical Contact 
  • Small group training no larger than 5v5 
  • Groups of 20 players with 2 cohorts of 10 
  • Training times set to maximize social distancing 
  • No scrimmages or games outside of your cohort 
  • No heading or throw-ins 
  • No sharing of water, pennies 

As noted in the chart above, it sounds like we will be in Phase II for a while. It seems that some sort of competitions (games) will be allowed during Phase II, but for the time being that remains unclear. Oregon Youth Soccer is holding two meetings this week to go over these guidelines.


What is happening at CFC?


We have been working on preparing for a Phase I return to play for some time and will begin on June 15 with teams from our competitive programs in a very limited return. As we gain more information, we will continue to open things up. The requirements make it necessary for us to maintain a lot of controls over the environment that we are not usually responsible for, and therefore we are starting with these families in our return.

We expect that week by week, seeing that the health conditions in our community allow us to enter/remain in Phase II, we will transition to more normal soccer activities. Tournaments are likely on pause for some time. League play beyond our region is a very big question mark. But, the encouraging news is that the kids will be able to play!

Before heading out to the fields, each parent and player must sign a new waiver. If you have not yet signed the waiver, please click here.

Upon returning to the fields, there will be designated entrances/exits and various zones for each team. Click here for a look at our Phase I field layout.

Please take a look at all of our return to play information that was presented in yesterday’s meeting here. 


The juniors programs are more complicated because the bulk of what is happening is league play. The situation is more complicated in that we don’t have quite the same number of volunteer coaches available at this time for many reasons.

We are asking Juniors families to fill this survey out to gather data to make a plan and are hoping to provide some soccer opportunities for you in July and August. We also need to be realistic with what is doable while maintaining safe practices.


In other news:




Yours in soccer,



Collin Box

Executive Director


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