From the Director – Our Sport Creates Opportunity

June 5, 2020

So much has already been said about the challenges our entire world is facing in this moment. It’s almost too much to bear, and I hesitate to write any more about this. My heart grieves for the pain and suffering our communities are undergoing – from sickness, death, poverty, loss of income, fear, racism – these are difficult times! 

Since our club ceased in-person practices in mid-March, our coaching staff has been meeting weekly via videoconference to stay connected, improve our virtual coaching methods, and prepare for being stronger when we are able to return. 

At our meeting this week, I asked Lloyd Fobi, one of our African-American coaches, to share a few words to our coaching staff. Lloyd is a past board member and one of the most well-spoken people I have ever met. 

“This is a conversation about opportunity, and we all carry the responsibility to provide it to the less fortunate” he said. “When I was 13, my soccer coach gave me an opportunity, and that opportunity opened up a way to college that changed the course of my life. And it is because of his impact on my life that I have given my life to coaching and creating the same kinds of opportunities for kids at CFC. Our paths in life are not ordained at birth but are designed by our environments and our environments are created by how many opportunities we get to move forward. If you want to change this narrative – provide opportunities for the less fortunate than ourselves” 

Our sport has a unique power to create an equal playing field for players regardless of socioeconomic background. Earlier this week, we announced 21 players from our latest graduating class of seniors that have committed to play soccer in college. 9 of the 21 players are minority players, and 7 of those are the first in their family to go to college. 

One of the things less highlighted is the opportunity our club creates for proximity. Black, latino, white, and asian players and families all come together on the soccer field working towards shared goals. For me personally, soccer created proximity to people unlike me that changed the course of my life. 

As our club faces the challenges of COVID19, we have some real needs. The current health crisis has resulted in cancellations and postponements of some of our primary sources of revenue. And it is unclear what may come that is outside of our control. 


I am asking you to consider partnering with us for the next year to keep kids engaged with their teams. We have not shut down. We have made it a priority to facilitate connections between teammates and coaches through digital tools in this time. The need for this connection is greater now than maybe ever before. 

Would you consider making a monthly or one-time donation for the next year to help us keep creating opportunities for kids in the current crisis? Your donation will go directly towards this goal. 

$25 per month keeps 1 player engaged this year and can change the course of their life. A $500 donation per month covers the cost to give a whole team of players an opportunity. You may make a donation online by clicking here. 


Thank you for giving kids opportunities through soccer,



Collin Box

Executive Director

Capital Futbol Club

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