May 12th – Weekly Update from Collin Box, Executive Director

Though I don’t have a whole lot of news to report, I would like to give you the latest updates as we work behind the scenes to keep things moving as much as we can in this challenging time.

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We are still waiting to hear more on what a return to play will look like, but it seems like whatever happens will be slow and very different, at least initially. I spoke with the Director of Oregon Youth Soccer today, and she let me know the OYSA board was meeting this evening to discuss policies for soccer clubs in the state on return to play protocols. These should be ready for review by the end of this week. As a member of Oregon Youth Soccer, we follow OYSA policy and will wait to see from them what is available to us.


There are other states and countries that are returning to play now or soon, and I am guessing we will do similar things as they do. If you are interested in looking at what others are doing, there are resources now being put out by the US Olympic Committee as well as here is an example of what Indiana Youth Soccer is doing.


Whatever ends up happening, we assure you that we as a club will take all necessary precautions when any return to play is initiated. Our board meets this week and will be discussing enacting a “COVID19 Medical Committee” that will consult and approve on any planned return to play for our club. Our board has members who are leaders in our local health community and have a good pulse on what is going on. This has served to guide our decision making so far.


In other news this week: 


  • Our coaching announcements for competitive programs went out last week.  This does not include our pre-competitive announcements which we hope to have finalized soon.



  • For those of you who requested a cancellation and credit of fees, please hold tight as we are still waiting for our registration software to be updated to reflect that in your Sports Connect account.


  • If you have chosen to make a donation of your fees to the club, thank you so much. I have been encouraged by the messages we have received of support in this challenging time.



Finally, I want to highlight a moment of being “more than a soccer club” where this week our 2003 Girls team reached out to one of their hurting team members who lost a loved one in this time by leaving flowers, a care package, and notes of encouragement on her front door. Big kudos to the girls on this team for surrounding their teammate with love. I know there are many more examples of how soccer provides connections that mean so much to kids and families alike.


If you are interested in supporting the club in this challenging time, please consider making a donation by following this link. 


Thank you all, and please, please, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any issues or questions. It is hard not seeing everyone or being able to walk out on the field and see what is going on these days. I miss that, and I look forward to seeing you all again when we are able to do so.



Collin Box

Executive Director


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