Coaching Education Courses

Interested in getting your coaching license? U.S. Soccer is holding coaching courses at the CFC Complex November, 24th!

9v9 : 8-12pm      11v11 : 1-5pm

For those interested in the Grassroots Courses:

Eligibility Requirements:
The In-Person Course is a four-hour course that builds on the principles covered in U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module. Specifically, candidates will learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Grassroots Coaching Education Philosophy, Play-Practice-Play Methodology, the Six Tasks of a Coach, and the characteristics of players ages 13 and older. The course will also ask each candidate to reflect on their experiences to develop action steps for personal growth.


For those interested in going to the D-License:

Eligibility Requirements:
A unique combination of three of the eight Grassroots Licenses now formally represent the prerequisite to progress to the U.S. Soccer D License. Specifically, candidates must have completed a minimum of three grassroots courses, in the form of two in-person courses and one online course:
• Two in-person courses (one of which must be the 11v11)
• One online course across any of the four levels (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11)
Coaching candidates who have earned the E or F License will have the following opportunities to use those certifications toward the D License prerequisites:
• U.S. Soccer E License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module
• U.S. Soccer F License + Introduction to Grassroots Coaching Module + 11v11 in-person license + one other in-person license

In order to register for the Grassroots In-Person Course, candidates must be at least 16 years old* and have completed U.S. Soccer’s Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module. This module can be accessed here.

*Due to online privacy laws, individuals under the age of 16 cannot create DCC profiles, and are thus unable to take Grassroots Courses.

To register for a course, click which time slot above or click here to view all courses.

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