Leticia Zamora — “It’s just a huge CFC family.”

When having five kids, life can get a little crazy. When having five kids that all want to play soccer, life seems a lot more than “crazy.”

Leticia Zamora has been a part of Capital FC since 2009 when her oldest daughter, Crystal, was looking for a team. Her daughter had played competitive soccer before, but other clubs seemed to lack the passion she was looking for. Crystal tried out for the CFC Rapid team and was quickly welcomed in. A few months later, her eldest son came to the club and ever since, all five Zamora kids have been involved.

Leticia believes that Capital FC is a club full of passion. A club where everyone loves soccer and is welcoming. A club that is willing to go the extra mile to support and care for one another. A club where families offer rides when each child seems to be practicing or playing at different fields at different times.

“It was a different population…being a Latino family here was different, but it really takes a village to raise kids and this place has become their home. There was always something to do at the club-not just play soccer. The kids stay after practices and games just to play with their friends.”

One thing Leticia thanks CFC for is the connections it has brought her family. The coaching staff available at the club has given each one of her kids different opportunities that they would not have received anywhere else. These coaches have encouraged and pushed her children, both on and off the field. There was always an opportunity for her kids to grow in the game. The club was not based off of who was the best, but who put in the time and effort. Everyone bought into the process of being the best player they could be, and every coach strived to help kids reach beyond their goals.

In 2011, Leticia joined the Auction Committee, that serves as CFC’s major fundraiser in supplying scholarships. She said, “If it wasn’t for scholarships, my kids would have not been able to play here. I wanted to make sure that other families were able to keep their kids playing and to have the same opportunities that my kids have.”

Later that first season at CFC, Leticia found herself translating and helping people in the office. After sometime, she was fully involved and found herself a position in office. She claims she has “lived here ever since.”

10 years later, Leticia can still be found in office taking registrations, organizing events, talking with players, parents, and coaches. Her kids can be found on the field with a ball at their feet, or in the back room of the office finishing their homework, catching up on the latest “Goosebumps”.

“It’s just a huge CFC family,” says Leticia. “Everyone is involved and has a passion for soccer that you cannot find anywhere else. It’s different here. No place comes even close to being the same as here at CFC.”

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