We hope you enjoy your visit to the CFC Complex!

Welcome to Soccer at CFC!

We are excited to host you at the Capital FC Soccer Complex this spring. The complex is one of our favorite places – and a great place for so many in the community. It also can get stressful and busy from time to time, so please keep the following things in mind when visiting the CFC Complex this season.


When parking for practices, please enter through the far east gate. There is overflow parking around the east side of the complex that may make it easier to access some of the fields in the back.

Please park in assigned parking spots and allow 5-10 minutes extra time before games to drop of your player and get to your field.

Game day parking on Saturdays is $5 per car. Seasonal passes are available for purchase in the office for $20. We encourage carpooling as the parking lot gets crowded during the busiest parts of the day.

Field Locations

Please see the field map here. If you do have a question please check the kiosk at the front for game day schedules and announcements.

Coerver Academy will be located on field 6 throughout the fall.

Coaches and players are encouraged to communicate and work together as there are times we share field space. We find with some good communication things go smoothly and everyone can accomplish what they would like!

Other Notes

  • We work hard to create a positive learning environment for our kids. Please contribute to this through your words and your actions and HONOR THE GAME!
  • No dogs are allowed at the CFC Complex.
  • No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed at any time.
  • Have FUN!
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