Zenith Player, Chanel Garcia, Signs with Corban University

Juggling school, competitive sports, and all other parts of life, can be challenging. Zenith player, Chanel Garcia, is one girl you can look to who not only succeeds at balancing her time well, but excels in every area.

Chanel plays for Zenith, the girls 2001 team coached by Likius Hafeni and Holly Moorman-Martinez, previously coached by Paul Goodwin and Meli Cortez. Chanel has played soccer her whole life, coming from a soccer-loving family.

Graduating this June from South Albany High School with a 4.0 GPA, Chanel has signed to play soccer at Corban University this Fall. She plans on double majoring in Biology and Chemistry, minoring in Spanish, and continuing on to medical school with the goal of becoming an Anesthesiologist.

Invested in her schooling, soccer career, and faith, CFC holds a special place in Chanel’s heart. One of her most memorable soccer moments comes from when she guested played with Zenith for the first time in the Crossfire Challenge in Seattle.

“I was playing with some of the most talented girls in Oregon and at that given moment, I knew that was the team I had been looking for.”

She continued to play for the team and dominated on the field. Despite a long, and often painful knee injury, she persevered and returned stronger than ever. As a captain for Zenith, she is a mature leader able to see things from a team-first perspective.

Board president and coach, Benje Orozco, has seen this in action. He states, “Her leadership on and off the field commands respect and sets the tone for the whole group.”

CFC has made a big impact on Chanel.

“Not only has it been a place full of happiness and joy, but it has become my HOME…the three coaches I have had while playing for this club have helped me grow to become the player I am today. They all individually have brought out a side of me that I never knew.”

Coach Paul Goodwin recognizes her unique ability, something coaches and teammates treasure calling her a “catalyst” who influences the whole team to elevate their play.

Chanel says that former coach Paul Goodwin had a huge influence on her. He had the power to inspire and influence her in a way her parents couldn’t. Despite how well things were going—good or bad—he just “kept going.”

“He always managed to bring the best out in our team. He showed me that with hard work, anything is possible, as long as you’re always putting effort into the goals you want to accomplish.”

CFC is full of great coaches and players like the one’s Chanel has had. She has incredible support from her club, her teammates, her family, her community. She is driven, and tenacious, and never gives up. Chanel stands as an inspiration to all who have seen her play and competed with her on the field.

It is players like this that make CFC more than a soccer club.

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