3v3 Live Tournament is Coming on June 11!

Capital FC hosted our first 3v3 Live Tournament last Spring. We had a great response and invited them to come once again! Our next 3v3 Live Tournament will be on June 11 starting at 2pm.


Capital FC interviewed Ryan Farwell (CFC Juniors Coach) to get a take on his experience with the first 3v3 last spring.

How was your experience with the 3v3 Live in June? 

We had a great experience. The tournament was well run, it was at one venue, and we got the thrill of the tournament experience but only had to spend one day doing it. 3v3 is exciting it is fast paced and has lots of scoring. We got to play some people we had not played before. Hopefully as the tournament gains recognition more teams will participate in future.

How difficult was it to form a team? 

It was easy. In fact we could have almost formed two teams if we would have had another coach. With 3v3 you only need 5 or 6 players and it is pretty easy to get kids (Parents) to commit when it is only on one day.

The 3v3 Tournament is open to recreational and competitive teams. For more info or to register, click here.
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