Thinking about college soccer? Join us for our most practical college info night on April 1

Misperceptions about the college recruiting process are commonplace. Some of the most common include things like:

  • “If I’m good enough, the coach will contact me my junior or senior year”
  • “NCAA D1 is the only option for college athletic scholarships”
  • “My ability on the field is more important than my grades when it comes to getting a scholarship”

The recruiting process is also incredibly complicated. How does a player go about navigating the recruiting process? Capital FC wants to help.

If you have any interest in playing college soccer at any level in the future, this workshop is for you. Capital FC’s College Recruiting Workshop will be held on Friday, April 1st at 6:30 pm at the Cone Field House (main basketball gym inside of Sparks Athletic Center, Willamette University).


This is not a lecture. Various booths will be set up, each with one subject as it’s focus. Each booth will educate on different aspects of the college recruiting process. Booths include: highlight videos, first contact/response email to coaches, creating your player and team profile, NCAA rules, regulations and recommendations in recruiting, NCAA/NAIA scholarship information.

The goal of the night is to help you as a player get a chance to ask your questions in a one-one-one and small group setting while giving you some very practical tools that you can walk out of the room with to use in the future.


This night is primarily for all the players who will be entering high school in the fall, but it is especially important for younger players so that they can be well-informed and prepared for the future. Parents are also advised to attend, because a lot of the information can be helpful in not just helping out your athlete, but your STUDENT-athlete.

Even if you’re not sure if you’ll play in college or not, this is an easy step to keep your options open in the future and make sure you are ready to play soccer after your career at CFC.

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