CFC Expands Impact to Local Schools

As of March 2015, Capital FC is partnering with Grass Roots After-School Soccer Program (GRASSP) to support their soccer programming. CFC Staff Coach Likius Hafeni helps run the program that is now in six elementary schools on the east side of Salem.

Likius Hafeni says,

Soccer is a great way that you can motivate a student to have a great education and a great job…[Through GRASSP] I have seen a lot of changes in the students…They are coming to school, doing their homework, and becoming better students.

GRASSP’s mission is to use soccer as a tool to help students identify with, connect to, participate in, learn from, and enjoy school – as well as developing good character and grasp a hold on good decision making skills for life.

One key part of the program is teaching life values through soccer such as winning with humility, losing with dignity, discipline, and teamwork. Every session, coaches integrate one of the ten values into the curriculum and use soccer as a way to help the kids understand and apply that value.


CFC is taking on Four Corners Elementary School as a new after school site for the GRASSP program. CFC is also assisting other locations through providing coach education and equipment.

Collin Box, CFC’s Executive Director, says,

Capital FC is more than a soccer club, and this is one of the many opportunities we have to broaden our impact in the community. I am excited about this program and the opportunity for us to make a difference in more kids’ lives through soccer.

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