U12 and U14 Development Academy

For boys birth year 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Capital FC Timbers has been accepted as a new member of the US Soccer Development Academy for both the U11/12 (2006/2007) and the U13/14 (2004/2005) Boys Age. CFC joins an exclusive group of clubs who meet the strict standards of the Development Academy.


The U.S. Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) program provides education, resources, and support to impact everyday club environments in order to develop world-class players.

Program Aims:

  1. To improve the environment for players at younger ages
  • More training (min. 3x sessions per week)
  • Higher Quality Training
  • Less total games
  • More meaningful games
  • Critical learning age
  1. To simplify the overall soccer landscape, providing a streamlined path for players from U12 to U18 and beyond
  1. Localized programming, reducing travel distances and cost

Key Performance Categories:

  1. Player Development Effectiveness (Youth National Team and Pro Player Production)
  2. Staff Leadership, Structure, and Qualifications
  3. Style of Play and Philosophy
  4. Training Environment and Personal Development
  5. Facilities and Infrastructure
  6. Respect
  7. Resources

USSDA Organization and Requirements

  • Weekly soccer schedule framework:
    • Training: min 3x per week
    • Games: 1 game per weekend during competitive periods
    • Rest: min 2 days off per week
    • No participation in other soccer competitions during competitive periods
    • 9.5 month season from September to June with rest periods in December, July and August
  • Game day environment
    • Approx. 1 meaningful game per week over 24-30 weeks
    • Game focus on player performance over winning
    • 9v9 format for U11/12, 11v11 for U13/14
    • No standings or postseason to de-emphasize results, encourage individual performance, and reduce costs
    • Respect: game, opposition, spectators, referee
  • Playing time and substitution philosophy
    • Longer periods of playing time and less frequent interruptions to benefit player development


The above schedule is from US Soccer. In our inaugural year of this program, this is our best guess at how things will go, but understand that there may be some changes along the way.

All elements of the program intend to align with US Soccer’s requirements for Development Academy Members.


Overview of the Program:


Part 1: Preparation (May-Aug)

The preparation period focuses on training and does not currently include a competition element. Players will train and play scrimmage games as the staff sees fit for proper development and preparation for the competition phase beginning in September.

We are currently working on finalizing the schedule that includes 2 USSDA-sanctioned tournaments.

Part 2: Fall Competition Period (Sept – Nov)

The competition period will consist of three 1.5 hour trainings tentatively scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings and one game per weekend. Players will be organized from the player pool into two rosters weekly after Wednesday’s training session and will compete side-by-side against other Development Academy Member Clubs every week. Games will be held at CFC’s Training Complex or away. Other member clubs are all located in Portland.

US Soccer has indicated that there will be a Fall Regional event for the U14 age group. More details to follow as we receive more information from them.


Part 3: Break (Dec)

December is a transition period and will be off for the Development Academy teams. No official training or games will be scheduled during this month, and players are encouraged to enjoy being kids, play other sports, or play soccer unofficially.


Part 4: Futsal Period (Jan-Feb)

Players begin training 3x per week again, this time indoor on futsal courts in small-sided format. The curriculum will especially emphasize technical development, 1v1 duels, and small group combination play.

U12’s will participate in a Futsal Event in February. This is a 1-2 day event that combines the Oregon DA’s and the Washington DA’s.


Part 5: Spring Competition Period (Mar-June)

Just as in the fall, the competition period will consist of three 1.5 hour trainings tentatively scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings and one game per weekend. These games and practices will take place on turf through March and part of April, and then back out to CFC’s complex in April.

Players will be organized from the player pool into two rosters weekly after Wednesday’s training session and will compete side-by-side against other Development Academy Member Clubs every week.


Part 6: Transition to 2018-19


During May of 2018, trials for the following year will be held to determine players who will continue in the Academy track. The plan for the following year will be announced after the club receives feedback from US Soccer and determination on the future of the Academy Program as it continues to expand.



$1375 + $75 Annual Memembership Fee*

*Uniform, additional tournaments, and personal travel expenses not included.

Scholarships available – Because of generous donations from members of our community, scholarships of up to 75% are available to families who qualify. For more details, please email office@capitalfctimbers.com


How many teams will there be and how many kids will be on each team? 

For the U12 age, Capital FC Staff will select one team that will compete in the USSDA League made up of 06 and 07 players. The team can carry a maximum of 13 players for games playing 9v9.

For the U14 age, Capital FC Staff will select two teams – one team will enter the USSDA League, and the other will be a USSDA Reserve Team. The Reserve team will compete in OYSA for league play, but all other elements of the program remain the same. Each team can carry a maximum of 20 players for games playing 11v11.


Will this team be playing in summer tournaments?

US Soccer Development Academy teams have certain restrictions regarding which tournaments these teams are allowed to play in, and thus it is difficult to determine which tournaments the teams will participate in. US Soccer has told us they are working on a list of approved tournaments that these teams can participate in, so we are waiting on this.

That being said, we are working with other USSDA clubs to have some sort of summer event as we did last year in partnership with FC Portland. This has not been finalized.


Will this team participate in State Cup/Regionals/etc.?

USSDA teams at U12 and U14 will not. USSDA Reserve teams will.


Will the boys be allowed to participate in RTC/ODP?



What is the selection criteria for making the team? 

Players will be selected using the TIPS analysis (Technique, Insight, Personality, Speed) that was coined by Ajax’s youth academy. The most important of these traits are insight into the game and speed as they are most difficult to coach/develop in players.


Will the game day rosters be balanced or a 1st and 2nd team?

The rosters will be 1st and 2nd team. Some players will move between both teams depending on the week, but we believe that it is best for the development of the kids to have them play with players most similar to them in skill level.


If my son doesn’t make the Development Academy Team, what are my options? 

Your player is encouraged to participate with our birth year competitive programs at 2004, 2005, 2006, or 2007. Find out more about these programs here.  It is to be noted that players from competitive programs may be invited to train or participate with the Development Academy later in the year depending on their development and performance.


Will there be additional costs outside of the membership dues? 

Yes, each player will be required to purchase a uniform package and may be responsible for travel to USSDA events that may occur throughout the year. It is our goal as a club to help support the fundraising efforts of this team so as to bring down the costs for these items as the come up.

Still have questions?

So do we;) Email Jared Rust, CFC’s Director of Coaching and we’ll pass on all the info that we have been given!