Coach Background Check

All volunteer and professional coaches are requried to go through a background check with Oregon Youth Soccer prior to beginning working with players at Capital FC.

Here are instructions for how to perform background check. It should take about 5 minutes to complete.

  • Go to
  • Click on the HERE link
  • Enter the username and password and click Login or create a new account (instructions at the bottom of this page).  The coaches who have previously been registered in Affinity and parents of children registered will already have an account. Everyone else will need to create a new account. Anyone in doubt can contact our office.

The following steps are the same whether you created a new account or are logging into an existing account.

  1. On the next page click Continue – DO NOT try to add players or other adults now
  2. Click Register as Coach/Admin on the line by your name
  3. Select a play level from the dropdown list
  4. Fill in missing information. You will not be able to change your name, date of birth, or email address but you can correct other information you entered when the account was created.
  5. You MUST SELECT YOUR CLUB from the first dropdown in the Club Information section. Clubs are listed alphabetically. Select Wallowa Valley Soccer for the club
  6. Click Save & Next Page
  7. Review and agree to the ELAs
  8. Click Agree and Continue
  9. Click No Payment Due [the club will be billed for adult registration]
  10. Click Logout and Back to My Account Login


Creating a New Account:

  1. Click the Create New Account button
  2. Fill in the information. Every field marked with a red asterisk is required. Fields with a double asterisk (phone numbers) just need one of the fields completed. Please use your legal first and last name – no nicknames or using a middle name for the first name. Make sure you keep track of your username and password so you can use it access your account or to register again next year.
  3. Click Save and Continue

Need more help?

Email our registrar, Kellie Powers.